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The PushUps are an A Capella Performance Ensemble comprised of a collective of woman from around the globe and multidisciplinary backgrounds of dance, theatre and music and heavily active in their chosen fields. Based in the incredibly rich artist meltingpot of Belgium, we came together to form this group singing alternative rock and pop in our own particular way.

We focus on not only creating material that is entertaining but with a strong feminine angle. We look at what it is to be a women in the field of rock and pop. What is to be a woman of a certain age in this male dominated world. What is it to be a woman in society today? How has feminism affected us in positive and negative ways? Is feminism a reaction against the patriarchal society? And how does it relate to Gender? Can we look at it in terms of the sensual as opposed to the sexual? Are we desperate or not?

We have taken songs that are well known and transformed their arrangements into surprisingly new material. Comedy is a focal point in the piece and we use humour to convey the political messages to the audience through the satirical and the surreal.

The effect is music, movement, text and sound mixed into a fresh and funny cabaretsque music theatre performance. And we are Tamara Geerts, Anne Grandhenry, Jogola, Dianne Weller, and Tracee Westmoreland. Coming from Belgium, Australia and the USA. (See bio’s attached).

What do we sing?

Horror Movie Skyhooks

These Boots are made for walking Nancy Sinatra

Walk on the Wild Side Lou Reed

7 Nation Army White Stripes

Karma Police/Where is my mind Radiohead/Pixies

It’s A Man’s World James Brown

Comic Strip Serge Gainsborg

Requiem pour un con Serge Gainsborg

Black Hole sun Soundgarden

My Sharona the Knack

Don’t Stop till you get,

You wanna be starting something Michael Jackson

The tracks are chosen for their performativity and longevity in the musical framework. Their infectious performance style has been taking audiences by storm in their homebase of Brussels Belgium and France.


- Dianne Weller

- Tracee Westmoreland

- Tamara Geerts

- Anne Grandhenry

- Jogola

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